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Top 10 Field Service Companies - 2020

Two decades ago, field service may have been centred on good old fashioned fixes and repairs, but the velocity now is towards long-term, contractual arrangements that are more lucrative for both customers and service providers. Since its emergence onto the market, Field Service Management (FSM) solutions and services haven’t stopped evolving. Today, FSM software is used by managers and supervisors to allocate workers to field tasks and monitor their performance. Employees use it to find information about their tasks, report on their work, and optimize the time and resources allocated for each job. Delivering a great FSM solution and service is a priority for many organizations across a range of sectors including local government, facilities management, transport, housing and health and social care. However, organizations will want to plan to deliver continuous innovation and an improvement in business capabilities, and so will want to keep up with future FSM trends.

Put simply, FSM software combines many functions into one unified solution and service that helps schedule and track field operations helping companies process job orders, dispatch technicians, collect payment in the field, and so much more. To help organizations and business leaders select the best vendors and advance their initiatives, CIOReview Europe’s editorial board has shortlisted Field Service Companies that are at the forefront of providing cutting-edge technology solutions. These companies offer robust products coupled with innovative strategies that are distinctively prominent in the field. We present to you, “Top 10 Field Service Companies - 2020.”

    Top Field Service Companies

  • Founded in 1985, Exel is a UK-based leading force in the provision of comprehensive business solutions for manufacturing companies and field service providers. For field service managers, Exel leverages its proprietary FSM software—Eagle—that allows the engineers to access real-time data and resources right from their touchscreen devices or mobile phones. The software system allows information to be quickly obtained and relayed by service engineers directly to the back office management system. Developed as a part of their ERP system, Eagle is a one-stop-shop for field engineers that can be hosted on the cloud as well as on-premises and is adept with all the functionalities that any field service client can need

  • Internalia Group specialises in the development, implementation and distribution of mobile applications to improve the internal control of companies, enhance the management of field service teams, encourage workflow and increase data security on mobile devices

  • mVISE provides holistic IT services as IT Infrastructure, Data Analysis and Data Management. In the branch of IT infrastructure, mVISE meets the demands of the clients from migrating to the cloud to updating and managing the existing IT infrastructure. This is done by identifying the new suitable model and ensuring the usage of existing business models. With the right understanding of the business models, IT infrastructure concepts are constructed meeting the requirements for every business case. As a next step, mVISE supports clients in selecting, implementing, and managing the public cloud solutions, and finally ensuring IT security from different aspects

  • Noventum answers each of the challenges with individual services, namely consulting, service IT, People Development, SCP standards, and Recruit4Service. For instance, in the branch of consulting, the company guides it global manufacturing and industrial service clients to extend and improve the performance of service operations. Through service IT, Noventum helps to focus on the scope, requirements and IT architecture for the Service management solution of the clients, and implement the solution effectively.

  • Düsseldorf, Germany-based Optimize My Day offers an innovative cloud-based solution that streamlines the entire lifecycle of field service operations, making it easier for field staff members to engage with customers and cater to their demands without any hassle. The turnkey mobile workforce solution OMD Go optimises routes and schedules, provides smart mobile order processing and customer service, as well as many other aspects of mobile processes. OMD Go users receive an overview of the core figures relevant to planners and managers—in the office and on-the-go.

  • A turnkey solution, Praxedo has the shortest implementation times: That is because it is an easy-to-use, fully customisable, and open platform which interfaces seamlessly with third-party applications. Praxedo integrates with applications such as Sage 100, Sage Live, Sage X3, Salesforce and Intuit QuickBooks. The solution supports data exchange using web services as well. More than 800 field service organisations and 33,000 users in a wide variety of industries, use Praxedo daily to optimise planning, scheduling, and tracking of work orders and field personnel. The platform has been designed in line with the SaaS (Software as a Service) On-demand computing model.

  • Beekeeper


    Designed to assist frontline employees, Beekeeper provides a platform that eliminates the digital communication gap. The firm offers a secure and user-friendly platform that is GDPR-compliant. Apart from top-down communication solutions, they also cater to bottom-up and peer-to-peer communication. It connects employees across different shifts, languages and locations; boosting productivity and employee engagement. Employees are constantly up-to-date with information and similarly the management can track the app usage through an in-built dashboard

  • Envecon


    Envecon is a global IFS Service & Channel Partner with 300+ successful implementations. With technological expertise, extensive industry knowledge and a penchant for delivering projects on time, we aim to provide customized solutions to every challenging need of our customers successfully.Helps global organizations, by providing IFS Applications services end-to-end, right from pre-study, implementation and customizations of IFS Applications to providing post Go Live support on 24x7 basis. We also undertake managed services on cloud/on-premise, which further reduces the operational costs of the organization.

  • KORE


    KORE was started more than 15 years ago, at a time when most carriers had only started selling connectivity plans and devices, such as cell phones, to the consumer space. The company understood the growing potential of the IoT market and decided to go to market with the Mobile Virtual Network Operator (MVNO) model, delivering global, multi-carrier connectivity services that IoT providers required. Since then, KORE has built upon this foundation to expand its offerings to a complete set of IoT deployment, management, and sustainment solutions that add greater simplicity to IoT implementations and ultimately enable customers to accelerate speed-to-market and maximize their returns on IoT investments

  • Notion Edge

    Notion Edge

    Notion Edge helps organisations to harmonise their field service processes with SAP FSM and also create a mobile experience for customers consistent with the SAP FSM application. The company offers advanced job planning capabilities, predictive planning of spare parts, and geo-location-based routing, ensuring that the technicians have the right skills to solve the issue and are equipped with the right tools. Notion Edge also provides relevant analysis with machine learning and IoT with SAP Conversational AI. With SAP FSM Now, they are redefining the customer portal for field service and creating an enhanced customer experience. The company also facilitates an interactive knowledge base with SAP Knowledge Central.

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